Saturday, April 23, 2011

Concentrate, concentrate!

Concentrate and you will be rewarded. First time during this "winner is winner" blog era nothing went wrong. High concentration level, hard work, no panic, no greed, no techical issues and at the end of the day you get some trades where you can call yourself lucky because the biggest possible green of a certain trade comes into your balance. Always a nice feeling that is.
I also had a little multiple the other night. Came in, it is a pity it cant be shown on betting history. If i remember correctly the winning amount was something around 54 euros.

Big money keeps coming, yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 1041,58

Withdrawn Money 3160 euro

Profit Made In Total 3454,24 Euro

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brain fart on tennis

You know the way how to make money. You know and you do it. Looks easy on paper but when it comes down to real deal it turns out that brainfart is always around the corner ready to be activated. Take your foot of the break pedal and you somehow end up in a red wall. As always there is very tiny line between winning and losing. Keep in mind that and never look back.

Bad thing is I am green only on NBA good thing is I am green overall so big money is coming anyway and that is what matters.

Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 1002,47 euro

Withdrawn Money 1750 euro

Profit Made In Total 2056,94 Euro

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Betfair crashes are no good

Regulars know what I am talking about. There was that friday or saturday when the site went busted. That was the longest betfair down -time I had ever witnessed. And it did cost me big time. I spotted a good pre -KO trading opportunity on tennis and went in with nearly full my bank and the rest is history. That's all forgotten and swallowed. Hard but that's part of some uncontrolled trading.
After the down time basically I was left with that open position on Lakers. I closed it just to get going again. Now it is heart breaking to see Lakers trading around 4.0 already as predicted. But my book says 1.8 euro on every outcome just because I was forced to take very bad price. Stop moaning money is money someone would say.

I also noticed some errors in self belief after the big betfair error. I knew it was not kind of my mistake but anyway I could not get going in the very first days. Lately I have improved and gathered essential confidence again and managed to get into green zone. And big money is coming again, yupiii, yupiii, yup.

Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 1067,78 euro

Withdrawn Money 990 euro

Profit Made In Total 1362,26 Euro

Friday, March 11, 2011

NBA - where easy trading happens

NBA markets. Mug markets for mugs or are they more like mug markets for pros to make money? In my opinion mug market for pros. For proper mugs no market is good to make money I suspect anyway
When bigger games come on the stage mug markets turn into pros market such as tennis and football - very competitive and in all honesty hardly you will find anything wrong with odds. And that is the only case when I find hard to make money in NBA markets. Apart from those games trading NBA is a must of course if you can handle night hours. I guess anybody who trades successfully other sports such as tennis football, cricket and others high volume markets could come and make money from the very first day in NBA markets. Piss easy and I mean it. Not so sure that "NBA only" trader could do the opposition.

Anyway my little money keeps growing and turning into big big big big money. Yupiiiiiii!
The rule of blog: Post only when green.
Again done and clear.

Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 1059,65 euro

Withdrawn Money 715 euro

265 euro staked on Lakers in outright market

Profit Made In Total 1344,12 Euro

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lakers to win it all?

The other night I watched Lakers - Spurs. Impressive none the less. And since the All -Star break Lakers seems to want to make a statement - we are ready for PO. Is it value to back Lakers around five if you expect Lakers to finish very strong the last part of regular season. I think so. And that's way I lumped on with a decent size stake. To be honest I do not think I will let this bet run till the very end. If happens what I expect then Lakers before first PO game will be around 4 or even lover. And that will be enough for me to make a free bet on Lakers. I am no fan on any team but if we look at last 10 years winners. Who wins it? Defense and size in the paint. Does Spurs have it? No. Great offensive team but they got titles with defense a lot of years back. Mavs? Dirk is a great player but somehow born to be a loser just as Karl Malone and John Stockton. OKC? Too young still. Eastern is just madness they will kill each other till they get to the final. Heat wont be a real contender just because there are no players in paint. Simple, is it not? But as I said I dont expect to run my bet that far. I got my bet matched in the middle of the game (Spurs - Lakers) and now the price is already 2-3 ticks lower and little green.

My routine going? It still goes well.

Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 846,93 euro

Withdrawn Money 525 euro

265 euro staked on Lakers in outright market

Profit Made In Total 941,4 Euro

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can not stop it big money keeps coming

First month is gone. A fuck up slowed me down earlier in February. Lets hope no fuck ups this month. There are two decent ATP 1000 tournements coming up. Proper players proper money is going to be made.

Here is the standart text: I had 3 very good days. Let hope I can continue like this blah, blah, blah.

However. Big big big money is coming again. That's the good news and nothing else matters in this blog.

And yes, sorry but Odwayer is daft. I did read Betfair forum. Could not stop wondering about all that moaning stuff, no self respect at all.

Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 886,9 euro

Withdrawn Money 395 euro

Profit Made In Total 586,37 Euro

Friday, February 25, 2011

1% per day, mug targets for mugs

To make this blog a bit more interesting than just P/L blog I decided to give a go to challenge. Called 1% per day. What a muggery! Those who are against daily targets - watch and learn how to make 1% per. What I think about all this. Do I believe? The way I see betfair markets I am very confident I can go from 10 to at least 1000 without failing to reach 1 % per day. Of course anything can happen in a particular day but... Later on it could be harder and harder and the ceiling might somewhere around 5 grand bank when 1 % easy road stops for sure.
Dont know yet when I will start. Hopefully soon.

Anyway I will continue to update all of you who dont really care about my success/failure in my basic BF account. So here is my next update. Green as the rules of this blog request. Did a lot of tennis trading but it just seemed like a waste of time for some reasons. Probably to much dodgy players around at the moment.
Starting Bank 195.96 euro

Deposited Money 500 euro

Current Bank 589,23 euro

Withdrawn Money 345 euro

Profit Made 238,82 Euro

Yupi, Yupiii, big money is coming!